Cherry Bekaert

Cherry Bekaert

See how a fresh brand, high performance website, and content strategy helped Cherry Bekaert’s position become more resonant with clients and partners.


The Hinge Story

The Hinge Story

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See how Hinge is helping professional services firms achieve high growth and build powerful brands.

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New Guide

The LinkedIn Guide for Professional Services Executives

Learn how to create an effective LinkedIn strategy for your professional services firm.

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New Research

Visible Experts: How High Visibility Expertise Helps Professionals, Their Firms, and Their Clients

Learn how high visibility experts are transforming the professional services landscape.

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Selected Clients

Hinge Branding and Marketing for Professional Services Firms

At Hinge, we've built our firm around a single idea: helping professional services firms grow. Above average growth and profitability are attainable goals. And we're here to show you how.

Take a Turn for the Better

You may not recognize it, but service marketing is undergoing a quiet revolution. Buyers of services are increasingly going online to find and vet firms. This means the old techniques are becoming less relevant. Not to worry. Hinge has a proven process to take any firm to online nirvana.

We Search for the Research

Over the past few years Hinge has conducted ongoing independent research to determine which professional services marketing strategies really work and which are a waste of precious marketing dollars.

This research underlies everything we do — from brand strategy and positioning to online marketing and website design.

In fact, everything we recommend to our clients, we do ourselves. We experiment close to home, then bring the best techniques to our clients.

Service Marketing With a Smile

Branding and marketing are serious business. But that doesn't mean you can't have a little fun in the process. At Hinge, we put our all into professional services marketing while making your experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. We like to think that working with Hinge will be the most fun you have all day.