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Welcome To The New Science Of High Growth

Marketing doesn’t have to be a thorny proposition. We're using science and groundbreaking research to help firms turn prickly prospects into sweet success.

Let's Get Growing

Training For Altitude

Read the book that will equip you and your firm to climb to a higher, more profitable place. Becoming a Visible Expert® is easier than you think.

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Nuts About Growth

Nobody knows the secrets of high growth professional services firms like Hinge. Find out how we've cracked the nut wide open.

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Creative Drive

Award-winning design. Engaging visual brands. The ride's as sweet as the destination.

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Digital Accomplice

Digital Accomplice

A new website and online marketing gave this video production firm a powerful platform to drive growth, revenues, and profits.


The Hinge Story

The Hinge Story

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See how Hinge is helping professional services firms achieve high growth and build powerful brands.

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New Research

Referral Marketing for Professional Services Firms

Learn about the latest research findings on professional services referrals and use them to adjust your referral strategy accordingly.

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New Research

2015 Professional Services Marketing Priorities

In this report, learn what business challenges firms face today and what professional services marketing initiatives they'll prioritize in 2015.

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Selected Clients

Hinge: The New Science of Professional Services Marketing and Branding

At Hinge, we've built our firm around a single idea: helping professional services firms grow faster. And we’re using the power of research to discover which techniques generate faster growth and higher profits.

The Science of High Growth

Recent studies into cognitive science and buyer behavior have uncovered a wealth of information that has powerful implications for service firm marketing. In addition, technology now allows firms to measure and incrementally improve the effectiveness of their marketing program. Hinge brings these insights and tools to you — so you can grow faster.

We Geek on Research

Over the past few years Hinge has conducted groundbreaking research to determine which professional services marketing strategies really work and which are a waste of precious marketing dollars.

This research underlies everything we do — from brand strategy and positioning to online marketing and website design.

We’re Our Own Guinea Pigs

Everything we recommend to our clients, we do ourselves first. We experiment close to home, then bring the techniques that work to our clients.

The View is Better from the Top

At Hinge, we're giving professional services firms around the globe everything they need to ascend to a higher plane. Whether you need better visibility, a more credible brand, or a platform for your thought leadership, we'll take you to the top with science and style.