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Hinge’s Fab Five: November 2012

By Alexandra Marigodova


Top Professional Services Marketing Content from November 2012

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Create Engaging Content for Any Industry, Even “Boring” Ones

 By Sean McVey, Content Marketing Institute

 With content marketing still on the rise, more and more industries are writing their way into online presence. Read this great post by Hinge’s own Sean to learn how to educate and entertain your reader, no matter the industry!


The 16 Most Important Social Media Updates of 2012

 By Rachel Sprung, HubSpot

 Social media is a growing and metamorphosing marketing machine. Not surprisingly, this year has been a year of change yet again. In this post Rachel looks back at the super important social media updates of 2012. Check it out and see if you missed anything!


5 Charts That Could Change Your Email Marketing

By Jesse Noyes, Eloqua

 Do more emails lead to more conversions? What’s the best weekday to send your emails? How can your emails feel more personal? Can social media replace emails? Find answers to these questions and more in Jesse’s brand new blog post. It’s supported by real data! You know how we love data.


Website Strategy: 59% view the website as a marketing channel

By Daniel Burstein, MarketingSherpa

 Not enough companies ask themselves a simple question: “Why do we have a website?” Read this blog post to find the only correct answer. Check out the benefits of the new and evolved company website.


 Visual Gold! The New Revolution of Content Marketing [Infographic]

By Jason Miller, Marketo

  We are all overwhelmed by the amount of information today. Many people simply don’t have the time to read everything they want to. Yet, data shows that content marketing is the way to go for marketers. So where is the balance?! Jason says, it’s time for the visual to get in the mix. Check out this Infographic for proof!


December 25, 2012


Jeff   You just hit the Bulls eye!The challenge for B2B cneoapims is they typically have to create educational content to share. This is a lot of work! Organizations like Junta42, Hubspot (and Marketo) are super content marketers in the B2B world   They give it away in hopes their expertise leads to increased awareness which should ultimately lead to new business.However, associations by nature are ahead of B2B cneoapims as they have educational content from annual meetings, seminars, publications, and more already in their control. It might not be centralized, There might not be a strategy for doing something with it, but they have the content and that’s a giant step!Their challenge is bringing that educational content to their members and the general public in a way that makes it more relevant, useful and accessible. Then having a communications plan to content market to their audience. All this goes with, of course, the intention to drive awareness for their membership, their association and their meetings.Great article Jeff -

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