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Hinge has helped many firms in the accounting, banking & finance industries build more appealing, credible brands and become better connected to their customers, strategic partners and potential new hires. Each of these sectors has unique challenges and marketing needs — we’ve had plenty of experience with each to understand their salient differences and to learn what works in their respective marketplaces.

Here are just a few ways our financial services marketing can help your firm, bank or credit union strengthen its brand and online presence:

Accounting Marketing

  • Bridge generational differences by developing a brand that preserves the heritage of your firm, but also positions the company for innovation and growth.
  • Attract and retain staff with a well-defined brand that guides both the delivery of client services and the firm’s internal culture.
  • Ensure your brand is flexible enough to allow you to expand into other services (such as IT consulting) while remaining true to your assurance and accounting roots.
  • Ensure your website, your most important marketing tool, differentiates your firm from firms with similar services.  
  • Clearly communicate why a talented potential recruit should choose your firm.

Financial Services Marketing

  • Build positive brand equity despite recent negative press about the banking & finance industries
  • Develop a visual brand that will command attention in the marketplace and support the your plans for growth
  • Deliver a compelling message to prospective customers.
  • Develop systems to ensure a consistent message and brand experience is conveyed across multiple offices or branches.
  • Implement strategies that will result in a high valuation for your firm.
  • Reach new customers in existing and new markets.
  • Create a website that engages your audiences and tells a compelling story.
  • Differentiate your organization when your services alone can’t.

Whether you need help with lead generation, a marketing plan, client satisfaction surveys, website search engine optimization, social media strategies, or outsourced marketing assistance, Hinge can help. Our years of hands-on financial services marketing and accounting marketing experience have given us the knowledge and tools to increase revenue growth, market awareness and value in your business.

To find out more, read a case story, check out our services or contact us.

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