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Architecture Firm Marketing

Architecture Marketing

One of the biggest challenges facing architecture firms today is achieving a sustainable competitive advantage in a crowded marketplace. At Hinge, we conduct regular independent research on architecture firms and their buyers. In addition, we consult closely with principals of the firms we serve, which helps us understand the best strategies for marketing architects.

Our research on architecutre marketing tells us that when they put more resources into marketing, architects often grow faster and are more profitable. That’s because they tend to be better exposed, market themselves more consistently and have brands that resonate with target audiences. But you don’t necessarily have to spend more to make more. We’ve discovered that when firms invest in the most efficient techniques, they can grow up to 9 times faster than average — while spending less than average!  At Hinge, we put these techniques to work for you. Here are just a few of our services:


A few of the architecture firms we’ve worked with include:

  • Quinn Evans Architects
  • Moseley Architects
  • Studio Atlantis
  • DBI Architects


Marketing architects isn’t just about referrals anymore. To learn how Hinge is changing architecture marketing, read a case story, check out our services or contact us.

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